Shalom and welcome!

The Jewish community of Freiburg is a traditional community that was founded anew in 1945 after the end of the World War II. Back then only few Jews came back to Freiburg, today the community has nearly 720 members.


The community has to fulfil many different tasks. First of all it performs services according to the Jewish tradition. Just like in other German Jewish communities our community members are mostly not religious, which makes it impossible to conduct daily services in the synagogue. For this reason the services are usually hold on Shabbat and High Holidays. Every Shabbat and on High Holidays we conduct evening and morning services according to the orthodox Ashkenazi rite. Furthermore we offer lessons in Jewish religion and tradition for our community members of all ages.

Dear members of Community, dear guests!

In order to avoid the spread of coronavirus, all events including our services will be cancelled for the duration of the epidemic.

We wish you to stay safe and well.